21 Jan 2019

****Let's see 10 important uncommon food to be part of your healthy diet. They are recommended by Dr Joan Salge Blake professor at Boston University and spokeswoman of American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A special contribute by The Italian Doctor Filippo Ongaro

What and why Build up your own daily balanced diet day by day...for your physical and mental wellness!

  1. GREEK YOGURT It stops you getting hungry, useful to accumulate energy in your body; you can have it for early morning breakfast
  2. SOUP Having it before your meal could be reducing calories assumption during your lunch or supper, better along side vegetable broth
  3. WHEAT Amaranth, quinoa, wholemeal spelt are useful and healthy food to integrate with your meal, maybe along with spelt rice. Careful of right portion
  4. FISH Omega-3, especially blue fish is healthy and the best animal protein source
  5. ALMONDS It is recommended to bring almonds along, small sneak but frequent throughout your day time. it is a good solution to stop you getting hungry quickly, as they have a proper proportion of fibres, protein and fat.
  6. FRUITY INFUSION Drinking water is crucial, try different taste and create various fruity infusion. Watermelon, lime and lemon is refreshing and calories free.
  7. BEANS It is a valid alternative to meat, good calorie-saving with a good fibres intake
  8. DARK CHOCOLATE Very effective anti inflammatory effect for your body, and a little self-rewarding
  9. SEASONAL PRODUCTS Buying seasonal fruits and vegs is very healthy, giving you the natural fibres, protein and carbs intake
  10. STEVIA It is the right substitute of white sugar on your table. It is the healthiest sweetener with no calories.

So enjoy it! 10 foods able to richen your daily diet by bringing the right dose of what we need even in order to lose fat faster. Careful of portion you use.