1 We believe in delivering the best health care that reflects your needs. This includes explaining your diagnosis and the proposed treatment, as well as to manage your condition, and help you preventing from further recurrences; to have a long-lasting restrictions free body.

2 We know to not leave any stone unturned which means detecting the real causes of your problems, test it and treat it accurately.

3 We believe that we can always find a solution through an integrated team working. We are better together!

4 We know that we are a team of experts able to help you out along the way providing an intricate and sophisticate understanding of your condition.

5 We use unique and advanced hands-on treatment and medical skills combining the very best from Osteopathy, Massage therapy, GP consultation and Paediatrics.

6 We believe that listening to you is the key point to plan your course of treatment.

7 We look after you step by step by letting you to be able to control your health.

8 We assist you through a proper exercises program whether needed, we might refer you to our specialist or our agreed laboratory to have specific tests/scans along with an in-depth diagnosis.

Our bespoke key rules for you!

DIGNITY We will treat you with dignity and courtesy, respecting your beliefs and values without discrimination.

UNDERSTANDING We will explain the treatment options open to you, agree a course of action with you and obtain your consent before starting treatment. You may also withdraw your consent to treatment at any time.

CLARITY We will explain you the cost of each consultation and treatment and our packages, including how many future treatments you might need, and a long-term maintenance through an appropriate exercise protocol enhancing your self-management program.

SAFETY We will ensure that our advice, care or treatment is safe and appropriate to your needs. And if necessary, including, involving or referring you to other healthcare professionals such as your GP or our Doctor specialist in house.

COMFORT We will ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your treatment. This will include ensuring that all premises and equipment used are clean, suitable and properly used.

PUNCTUALITY We work around the clock and against the clock for you. Short waiting time to get a practitioner available for you as soon as possible.

PROFESSIONALISM The practice We work in will only employ suitably qualified and proven staff to ensure that you receive a high-quality experience, advice and care.

RELIABILITY Our staff will be able to provide details of the practice complaints procedures on request. Any complaint will be properly investigated, and appropriate action taken. However, we would prefer you to talk with us to agree a solution before taking any action.

TRANSPARENCY We will ensure your personal details and health records will be kept strictly confidential. This information will not be disclosed without your written consent unless it is required to do so by law.

HONESTY We will be open and honest with you should anything go wrong while I am caring for you.