07 Dec 2019

BABY' FIRST MEAL (weaning) by Erica Ippolito, Chef/Nutrition adviser and Mum of Three

Erica, as a Chef/Nutritition adviser and Mum of Three , will guide you through an important stage of your baby' life!!! The first meal is always a delicate time in which you and your baby find out the joy of having new fresh food taste. LISTEN UP!!! How to prepare baby's food? The cooking method is really important! Food needs to be easy to digest and we should try to preserve all the nutrients. Steaming and Boiling methods embrance our this matter. You need to carefully wash veg and fruit skin by using sodium bicarbonate in order to kill bacteria and pesticides. Whether it's possible prefer or add organic products. To make a nice veg stock, we cut veg into smaller pieces, then let's cook them in cold water for roughly 10 minutes. If you like you can use small pieces veg or pured, better to steam it anyway. You use the same process for fruit. By my past Paediatrician and midwife, i personally started from potatos, carrots and courgettes all together.


  • Avoid to feed your baby in the same place where you did usually do breastfeeding or bottlefeeding.
  • Avoid to hold your baby on laps (for safety reasons too)
  • Let the baby sit down on an highchair with safety belt. You sit in front of your child, as face to face is the best communication.

All my three kids first meal was a lovely creamy and mashed vegs with a touch of Parmesan chees on top and biological extra virgin olive oil. No salt added, full of flavour, freshy and healthy. See you at the next video with even more useful and practical recipes for your child.