21 Jul 2020

Back to normality

By Tricia (Nutritional Therapy and Health Coach)

As we all emerge from this lockdown hibernation and attempt to regain some normality, it may be a good time to make changes. Supporting our immune systems long-term, improving energy levels so we can get back to work, and shaping our waistlines (bye-bye Covid-19 lockdown muffin top) may be just what we need to emerge more vibrant and resilient!

We at MP Health Clinic look forward to seeing you soon to get you back into full fitness, reduce the physical strain and discomfort from the lockdown and get you to a more healthy resilient you. Call us now!

Here is a sample day menu to get you started, but remember that a bespoke nutritional program tailored to YOUR needs is the best approach.

Breakfast Day 1

One small bowl of porridge oats prepared with almond milk sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and a handful of blueberries.

One hot fruit infusion tea w/ one tsp Manuka honey


Mixed bean salad with carrots, cucumber, peppers 2/3 cup pomegranate seeds

1 cup water with dash of lemon or cup of Green tea


between (6pm - 7pm)

Grilled salmon, steamed baby potatoes, and kale ‘chips.

1 square of dark chocolate

Remember that a 125 ml glass of red wine is roughly 1.9 units of alcohol and about 85 calories.