17 Sep 2019

FROM A TRUE EXPERIENCE WITH ONE OF MY PATIENTS... I really would love to share this experience, one of the best in my life!! Details in the shared post.

Hope that's could encourage mums to be to go trough the amazing journey of pregnancy, labour and welcome their lovely baby to the world!!!

I'm a mum of 3 children and a massage therapist, specialised in pregnancy massage and baby massage. I really love my job and last year, my friend Kelly, gave me an amazing opportunity, probably one of the best in my life! I followed her with massage through the pregnancy and LABOUR!!!


YES MUMS, IS A COMPLETY NATURAL PAIN FREE AND A HUGE SUPPORT DURING THIS PARTICULAR TIME!!!** A great experience for me as a therapist and first of all, as a mum! Being on the other side, was so emotional, I fully lived any single instant with Kelly and fully understand her.

I encouraged her and support her with massage. I felt so well link with the midwife's team and the cooperation was excellent!

Experimented my professionality and friendship together in that moment, was absolutely a wonderful unique experience that will be stuck in my heart forever!!!

That experience was so powerful that I decided to propose labour massage to my mums, during their regular pregnancy massage in my clinic!

Another mum chose labour massage, followed by another one and another one again...

I hope this post can help all mums to be in this group to understand the importance of the pregnancy and labour massage.

I'm super happy to offer a free consultation in my new clinic, Marco Pasolini health clinic, based in Fulham Broadway!