05 Dec 2019

Do you eat too much sugar?!

Do you think your child has too much daily sugar intake?!

Here you find the body' signs for a self check! Drugs hurt, what about sugar?

Sometimes the public opinion is divided about this matter upon the omission from the industry companies about the risk make the difference.

A famous Endocrinologist Dr Robert Lustig says that sugar is the "Silent Killer" hitting and killing milions of people every year because of illness and health condition such as Obesity, Diabetis, Metabolic Syndrome Disease, Cardio-vascualer pathologies. All these pathologies are primarily related to long term sugar abuse. We all have the responsabilities to get ourselves informed about the risk factors, and what the companies do not say to the public.


  1. Acne
  2. Tiredness particularly in the second half of daytime. Sugar intake, pick of insuline and short energy accordingly. Therefore, we get into a non-stop eating loop.
  3. tooth Cavity, Sometimes it's not enough to brush your teeth regularly, reduce the sugar intake!
  4. Hypertension, fatal if it's associated to Hyperglycemia and Obesity with an unavoidable cardio-vascular diseases.
  5. Body weight increases.
  6. Addiction, you fulfill your appetice but not completely (vicious circle). Change your habits, you are still in time!
  7. Stretched tummy or feeling bloated.
  8. It's been seen to be related to some general muscle aches and pains.
  9. Migraine, but still under huge debate.