Yoga 1 To 1 Packages

18 Oct 2018

OUR YOGA TEACHER FRANCOIS IS VERY PLEASED TO SHARE HIS EXPERTISE BY GIVING YOU HALF AN HOUR or AN HOUR OF HATA SIVANANDA YOGA AT OUR CLINIC. HATA SIVANANDA YOGA! An enjoyable and outstanding way to reconnect with your body by creating your inner balance and strength. Back to control your Body......

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Lower Back Exercises Video

13 Oct 2018

Marco Pasolini, our principal Osteopath and qualified sports scientist, will show you specific exercises for your lower back and how to improve muscle strength and spinal function.

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Osteopathy And Babies Video

03 Oct 2018

Check our last youtube video: What we can do for your baby!

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Tmj Cervico Cranial Disorders Osteopathy And Treatment

02 Oct 2018

By Marco Pasolini Registered Osteopath Do you think your temporo-mandibular joint, sight and ears position might cause you headache and neck disorders? I can definitely say YES! In our physical assessment of postural imbalance, neck/shoulders pain and headache, we include possible trigger from...

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The Diaphragm And Osteopathy Video

27 Sep 2018

ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, WHY WE TREAT IT & BENEFITS Check out our latest effort for you, our educational keep going on...

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