Osteopathy Sciatica And Herniated Disc

16 Jun 2020

Herniated Lumbar Disc and Sciatica Your lower back is known as the lumbar spine, and consists of 5 vertebrae stacked on top of each other. In between each vertebra is a disc; it is like a cushion that absorbs force, helps with movement, and separates each vertebra. As the disc degenerate...

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Food Nigella Sativa Seed Benefits

29 Apr 2020

Nigella SativaBlack seed oil derived from the seeds of flowering plants belonging to the buttercup species known as Nigella Sativa have been referred to as the ‘curative black seed’ since biblical times. Perhaps it’s reputation comes from the traditional uses in prevention and treatment of ill...

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Pranic Healing Why So Important

17 Apr 2020

Alessandro Mancini is our qualified Pranic Healing Therapist. During this hard time, lots of people face unexpected challenges on a deep personal level in order to cope with worries, fears, anxiety, distress due to a forced isolation.For Alessandro, being an Pranic Healer is a level up in boost...

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The Effects Of Stress On Energy Level

16 Apr 2020

The Effects of Stress on Energy Levels Studies have shown how constant stress can negatively affect the digestive system and trigger anything from weight gain to IBS to indigestion. Continuous stress may also suppress immune cells to work at optimum capacity. However, did you know that long-term...

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Boosting Immunity Against Viruses

20 Mar 2020

In these crazy times, it is easy to get caught up in the panic. However, supporting your immunity may go a long way in preventing or helping the body cope with viral infections. It’s not all about the disinfecting hand gel! Afraid that there isn’t much to be done about the shortage of loo roll, b...

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