Baby First Meal Weaning

07 Dec 2019

BABY' FIRST MEAL (weaning) by Erica Ippolito, Chef/Nutrition adviser and Mum of Three Erica, as a Chef/Nutritition adviser and Mum of Three , will guide you through an important stage of your baby' life!!! The first meal is always a delicate time in which you and your baby find out the ...

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Pilates And Benefits

06 Dec 2019

PILATES AND CORE STABILITY Toe taps on ball: Exhale as you tap the heel down towards the mat - gently draw your navel down towards your spine (imagine a belt tightening around your waist). Inhale to return the leg then alternate sides. Try to stay as still as you can on top of the ball and to cha...

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Too Much Sugar Intake Find Out Early Symptoms

05 Dec 2019

Do you eat too much sugar?! Do you think your child has too much daily sugar intake?! Here you find the body' signs for a self check! Drugs hurt, what about sugar? Sometimes the public opinion is divided about this matter upon the omission from the industry companies about the risk make the...

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Runners Prevent Injury

30 Nov 2019

RUNNERS LISTEN UP!!! The three KEY factors to improve your performance and prevent annoying injuries! Ankle Joint, Foot and the right pair of shoes! Marco the Osteopath and Sports Science Therapist will give some insights to you to make it! Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fasciitis tends t...

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Sports Massage Benefits

27 Nov 2019

Sports Massage Level 4 with Alain Bianchini 👉Sport massages are for everyone from all walks of life....... 👉A sport massage is a form of therapy, which involves hands-on technique to.......... 🔹Benefits of Sports Massage 🔸Reduction in muscle tension, muscular pain and discomfort. 🔸Increa...

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